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10 Key Tips On How To Have Fresh Breath10 Key Tips On How To Have Fresh Breath

In order to keep the mouth clean and halitosis free, it is essential to follow some basic habits and incorporate with the everyday habits and tasks. Following are a few key steps on how to have fresh breath.

10 Steps on How to Have Fresh Breath

  1. Brush Teeth. Brushing the teeth after every meal or at least twice a day will remove most of the food particles stuck in the mouth. These food particles, if not removed, will cause bacteria to breed in the tongue, teeth and gums, causing bad breath to occur. Thus removing food particles from the mouth is one key step on how to have fresh breath.
  1. Floss. Flossing at least once a day, preferably before bed time will remove any remaining food particles that were previously not removed by brushing.
  1. Regular visits to the dentist. It is advised to visit the dentist at least twice a year for cleanings to remove the built up plaques and tartar in between and on the teeth.
  1. Quit smoking. Cigarettes contain chemicals that that causes plaque. Plaque found on the teeth can become a breeding ground for anaerobic bacteria that causes bad breath. In addition to this, smoking causes the mouth to dry, making it further conducive for bacteria to grow. Not smoking is how to have fresh breath.
  1. Eat Good Foods and Herbs. Foods rich in Vitamin C such as berries and various herbs and drinks such as parsley and green tea can help minimize the appearance of bacteria in the mouth.
  1. Rinse the mouth with water. Rinsing the mouth with water after a meal or after drinking beverages such as coffee and orange juice will return the pH level of the mouth. Another simple way on HOW TO HAVE FRESH BREATH.
  1. Eat a balanced Diet. Eating meals that are only protein rich will cause the body to only burn fat and not sugar. When this happens, a condition known as Ketosis occurs, which also cause bad breath.
  1. Stay away from mints. Most chewing gums and mints in the market contain sugar. Asides from merely masking the scent of bad breath temporarily, it can make the condition worsen in the long run.
  1. Keep the mouth moisturized. When the mouth is dry, this becomes a good environment for anaerobic bacteria to grow. Drink ample amounts of water a day to keep the mouth and throat moist.
  1. Keep the Tongue Clean. The tongue is also a good breeding ground for bad breath causing bacteria. Clean the tongue with a tongue cleaner to remove any food particles and residue. A second key step on how to have fresh breath.

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