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Know What Causes Bad Breath In AdultsKnow What Causes Bad Breath In Adults

Adults naturally have many responsibilities. In this day and age, everything is fast paced and immediate, causing the environment to become highly stressful and competitive. This may cause the person a high level of stress. In addition to this, adults no longer have ample time to accomplish some of the basic hygiene regimens such as oral care. These factors eventually are what causes bad breath in adults.

What Causes Morning Breath

When a person wakes up in the morning, the mouth is naturally dry due to the slowing down of the mouth’s saliva production while in deep sleep. For this reason, the mouth becomes an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. The bacteria emits a foul smell, and that’s what causes bad breath in adults known as morning breath.

Sometimes Dentures are What Causes Bad Breath in Adults

Many adults, particularly the older generation, wear dentures to be able to eat even without natural teeth. These dentures are ideal places for bacteria to grow. For this reason, people who wear dentures are one example of what causes bad breath in adults. It is advised NOT to sleep with the dentures on to prevent more bacteria from breeding in the mouth.

Bad Breath is a Common Symptom of Underlying Medical Disorders

As a person ages, some medical conditions might affect the body. However, these illnesses do not immediately manifest at its source and would normally show symptoms somewhere else. Bad breath is a common symptom of an underlying and more serious condition. When bad breath is persistent in an adult, it is advised to visit a doctor for a general check-up.

Bad Breath Occurs With the Use of Tobacco Products

Most adults smoke as a means of relaxation to alleviate stress. Smoking cigarettes causes chemicals such as nicotine and tar to stick to the teeth, gums and tongue, making it more conducive for bacteria to breath. Once this happens, bad breath will occur. A perfect example of what causes bad breath in adults would have to be the tobacco products.

Dry Mouth is Also What Causes Bad Breath in Adults

When people are stressed or simply not getting enough liquids into the system, this causes the mouth to dry up. Once the mouth dries up, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria that is eventually what causes bad breath in adults. It is important to keep the lips and mouth full of moisture.Drink lots of water a day to keep the mouth, lips and throat hydrated all day long.


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