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What You Need To Know About Bad Breath And DementiaWhat You Need To Know About Bad Breath And Dementia

For those who do not know what dementia is, and how it is related to bad breath, in this article, we will provide you with a clear explanation. To start, Dementia is the progressive deterioration in cognitive function of the brain or the ability of the brain to process thought. Dementia though is not a one disease. It is a term used to describe a group of symptoms caused by the changes in the ability of the brain to think or to process thoughts.

There are a few symptoms that someone who has dementia will show, but the most observable during the early stage is being forgetful.

Forgetfulness / Memory Loss

In early stages, someone with dementia becomes forgetful. They may forget about where they put their car keys, their cell phone, and they may even forget their way back home from the store. And in later stages, they may forget names, places, people, early events and happenings, and worse, forget who they are.

Someone who has these symptoms will find it hard to carry out everyday tasks as dementia progresses. They may forget about doing the important tasks related to hygiene; they may forget going to the bathroom, to take showers, they may forget about wearing underpants, brushing teeth, and all other normal things that people normally do. When this starts to happen, they can’t look after himself and will be more prone to diseases and will always be in danger of getting themselves hurt if not provided with extra carer.

Dementia and Bad breath

It is because of not being able to look after themselves that someone who has dementia develops bad breath. The person loses the ability to clean their teeth, or loses interest in doing so, and carers may need to take over this task.

How can you help?

If you know someone who developed bad breath due to symptom of dementia, tell the family that a dentist or hygienist can provide guidance and support on how to assist in cleaning the person’s teeth. But if the family chooses to carry out the task themselves, the easiest way is for the person with dementia to sit on a dining-style chair with the care person standing behind. The carer supports the person against their body, cradling their head with one arm. They can then brush the person’s teeth using a damp toothbrush and a little toothpaste.

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